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Martingale en option binaire
lundi , 18 décembre 2017
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Martingale en option binaire

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The martingale is a concept that today mainly belongs to the realm of the casino. The principle is very simple, but potentially extremely dangerous since it can lead to infinite losses: every time a position is losing (eg on the colors black / red at roulette), it is to bet double on the same color. If it is again unsuccessful, it must once again bet double. Why always bet twice? Just because it allows to repay the sums lost. The martingale binary option follows the same principle.

Martingale binary option

Do not see the binary options like that!

The martingale applied to binary options

Here is a concrete example of martingale binary option: The trader up to € 100 on a « high » option on gold, with a deadline 15 minutes. If the position is losing, you have to bet € 200 on gold (double the first position). In this way, the trader can potentially earn 200 x 80% = 360 €, or 160 € of gains. Otherwise, they would bet € 400 to continue the martingale. This can be a winner, but in the long term trader lose more. In the worst case, the trader loses much … This kind of behavior is widely night at this derivative product that was seen more as a game / bet rather than a real financial product. He was then quickly decried by users who thought easily make money this way.

Why not use the Martingale? This game clearly puts the financial health of the trader at risk. You should know from the start how much one is willing to invest and stick. If you are not an expert in finance, know that there are many ways to learn the financial markets. The advisors brokers are at your disposal to teach you the basics to support video, but you can also opt for the trading signals that some brokers will give you. Calculated from algorithms to external companies, these signals give a percentage of reliability really impressive movements.

If you want to start trading with a team of French consultants of the highest quality, OptionWeb be the best example. With professional traders who have turned consultants, you will have a supply of significant experience to allow you to quickly understand how it works (they will explain in this regard that the martingale binary option is not recommended …). The deposit is only 100 €, which is the lowest in the market.

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